Website Development Approach


Our approach combines industry standard practices and our own tried and tested processes developed over more than a decade of website development. A dedicated Project Manager works in tandem with an account director to oversee the entire project from kick-off to launch.  Thereafter the account director, technical and design leads continue to oversee the provision, enhancements and support of the client website(s).

Firsty works hard to create websites that help our clients achieve their short and longer-term business objectives. These goals (qualitative and quantitative) are documented at the outset and serve as valuable reference points as we:

  • conduct qualitative research and analysis of our client’s competitors and customers
  • create a visual design that matches our client’s brand guidelines
  • build a technical structure that is flexible and scaleable
  • develop databases and applications to support and streamline our client’s business processes and sales and marketing strategies
  • optimise (SEO) website structure and content to achieve high search engine rankings (appropriate use of coding, tags, links and key phrases etc.)
  • host and protect the website (secure, safe and reliable operation)
  • support the development of future enhancements

Our Approach

Firsty’s standardised development approach has 5 phases.

  1. Research and Planning – We kick-off with the Research Phase where we plan everything complete the Project Plan and Functional Specification.
  2. Creative – As we complete our research and planning the creative work begins. During the Creative Phase all the visual elements are designed and the Technical Specification completed and approved by you.
  3. Technical – Once you have approved the site designs we begin development (Technical Phase).  All the visual elements and functionality of the sites are brought to life during this phase.
  4. Testing, Review and Launch –  We then conduct a final review with our clients support and test the entire website (Testing & Review Phase).  Once the client is happy we will ask for approval to launch the site.
  5. Hosting & Support – Post launch we host and support the website under comprehensive service level agreements.

On occasion we may chose to adopt a more AGILE approach, in particular if we are breaking new ground.  Using an AGILE development approach like SCRUM allows us to build core functionalities based on an approved wireframe before formal designs are finalised. This reduces waiting time, giving developers the opportunity to work in parallel as soon as a base data structure and wireframe are approved.

Once web development projects are underway we keep clients involved at every stage. Together we manage and track progress using a variety of purpose built web tools like Basecamp, Sharepoint MS Project and others.


Development teams always comprise, Account Management, Project Management, Developers, Web Designers, SEO expertise, QA and Testing personnel.

Deliverables & Documentation

Within each phase of the project our clients will receive key deliverables including documentation that we will ask them to approve.

Deliverable Description
Project Plan Document – The Project Bible incl. Definitions; Processes; Roles & Responsibilities; Contact details etc.
Functional Specification Document – High-level features and functionality + Wire frame
Risk Workshop Identify & document perceived project risks and agreed mitigation measures
Technical Specifications Document – including Logical Model Descriptions; Performance Requirements; Site Structure; Page Functionality; Site Functionality; Hosting and Domain Arrangements
Wireframes High Level Designs of web pages
Design Mock Ups Precise Layout, Look and Feel and UX
Data Integration Plan Document – Data preparation, migration and integration approach
SEO Plan Document – Optimisation Actions
CMS Training Formal face to face Magento CMS training for ME and CXC administrators
Testing Data, Web and Software Performance
Certification Documents – PCI/DSS Compliance and DPA

Time Lines, Phases and Deliverables

Planning & Research Creative Technical Testing, Review and Launch
2-8 weeks 4-8 weeks 8-12 weeks 3-6 weeks
Key Deliverables

  • Risk Workshop + Report
  • Project Kick Off
  • Project Plan
  • Functional Specification
Key Deliverables

  • Technical Specification
  • Wireframes
  • Design Mock Ups
  • SEO Plan
  • Mark Up Design
Key Deliverables

  • XHTML / CSS Templates
  • Module Development
  • Data Tier Testing
  • Content Population
  • Data Migration
Key Deliverables

  • Web Tier Testing
  • Software Performance and Fulfillment and 3rd Party Testing
  • CMS Training