App Development Costs

We can’t remember the last time we produced a native application for iOS or Android that cost less than £7,500. In fairness the bulk of the projects we now consider will have budgets well north of this. Keep in mind that you may also need to spend something similar on marketing your app before and after its release.

Although we can’t give you accurate estimates here and now we can tell you that there are a number of things that have a direct impact on the cost of development. We’ve highlighted just a few below:

    • Readiness of the source material/content (Is the content in the best/most appropriate format it can be? Is it organised intuitively?)
    • What resources are you able to allocate to this project?
    • Review and Sign-off
    • Project Change Requests
    • The number of platforms (iOS; Android; Windows etc)
    • The number of devices (Tablet and smartphone or just one or the other ie iOS – iPad only or iPad and IPhone and iPod etc)
    • The speed with which you need the app completed
    • The size/complexity of the app
    • The use and/or creation of original content/experiences (Video, narration, animation, artwork, audio/music etc)
    • Testing
    • Maintenance and Updates

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