Merchant Services

Merchant Services

At Firsty, we’re firm advocates of direct sales.

Yet we recognise those benefits can only be realised through time investment on your part – in-house time which is already so scarce, and split across so many different areas.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share the effort.

As part of an eCommerce site rebuild, we’ll be happy to integrate Firsty Merchant Services – an ongoing, cost-free* revenue reconciliation, VAT management and customer support provision – meaning you don’t need to dedicate internal resource towards these areas when the sales start rolling in.

Customer Support

Selling your content directly may be a new challenge, and whilst you promote the new site, we look forward to providing vital support for your customers, through a dedicated phone and email support line – answering any questions they may have on transactions, deliveries, website-related issues etc. (Editorial concerns will be directed through to your team in-house). We will liaise with your print distributors on pending orders, expected deliveries and address customer enquiries accordingly.

Financial accounting and VAT management

Firsty Merchant Services will handle all on-site transactions, and address all VAT-related issues (eBooks and digital products – variable VAT dependent on territory of buyer), reconciling revenues to the publisher at the end of each month/quarter.

How does it work?

We’ll embed a secure, fully responsive, PCI compliant payment gateway like Stripe, PayPal or Sagepay into your site, ensuring a seamless customer transaction experience, and providing peace of mind for the publisher. The entire transaction will take place within your new website, so the customer knows exactly where they are at all times – no redirects to third party urls for payment.

Is this only available with a site rebuild?

For a new site build, just embed our payment gateway(s), normally Stripe and PayPal, into the site.

For existing catalogue sites, if built on Magento or WordPress platforms, and you’d like to add eCommerce for direct sales, we do a little bespoke development (adding buy buttons to product pages, linking in the print distributor, and ingesting an ONIX feed), prior to embedding our payment gateway on site.
You’d then have a fully-fledged eCommerce site raring to go, and we’d take care of customer support, accounting, and VAT!

*Firsty will take a commission on sales made through the site – so we will only get paid when you do!