Nearly There

Illustrated tale of two horses, Budley and Bishop, for the iPad

With its exquisite drawings, catchy tunes, exciting, and innovative narration, Nearly There takes you on an unforgettable journey. This is a story for the child in all of us.

Developed from the original book by Johanna Connor and Gabrielle Byrne, the story is narrated by Colin Vearcombe aka Black; with character voices by Colin Vearncombe and Maurice Seezer and accompanied by the perfect song – On the Road to Nearly There – by Fergus O’Farrell of Interference and Maurice Seezer, composer and performer.


This app will feature the unique illustrations and storytelling by Johanna and Gabrielle, with interactive animation and narration, to provide you with a special experience that will mean you will be constantly finding new and different features that enhance and reinforce the story’s central message of friendship and discovery.

  • Narration – the story can be read out loud for children to fully enjoy
  • Fully interactive storytelling including a map of Budley and Bishop’s journey
  • Discover the voices of the various animals they meet on their journey
  • Colouring feature – enjoy 5 different images that can be coloured in using the interactive colour palette and brush – save and share your pictures with your friends
  • Songs – original music played during the story to sing-a-long with
  • Photographic media section where you can see the real life Budley and Bishop and other animals cared for by Johanna and Gabrielle

Available on iTunes

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